Can Chickens Swim? Can Chickens Live With Ducks?

can chickens swim

Are you a chicken lover? Do you feed chickens in your backyard? If yes, have you ever raised yourself some questions about this interesting bird? Have you ever wondered can chickens swim? Can chickens appropriate to live with ducks? Today, we will give you some new perspectives on chickens, and maybe this knowledge will help you a lot in the process of caring for them later.

Can chickens swim?

Absolutely yes. Unlike ducks, chickens can only swim within a limited span of time as their bodies are not formed for swimming. The chickens do not have webbed feet, however, they still can get forward but at a slower pace with their paddles. Moreover, since their feathers are not waterproof, they will be ended up drowning because of heavy waterlogging.

Chickens, on the other hand, would suffer from panic when suddenly fall into the water. The living environments of the kitchen are mostly on the land. Therefore, It requires time for chickens to adapt to the water. If they are surprisingly putting into the water, they will be scared and try as much as possible to get out of the water due to their normal survival instinct.

In most cases, they can escape and survive but there still some situations, some unlucky chickens drown and you can not see them again.

chicken can swim

It is a matter of fact that apart from some scorching day that some kitchens enter the water for cooling, the chickens rarely come to the deepwater area. They just put themselves at risk when wandering around for food and drinking water. Because of focusing too much on the searching, they sometimes unintentionally fall into the water containers. So remember do not let your kitchens in that area which is adjacent to water sinking containers.

But, what if your chicken drown in the water? What you should do immediately? The chickens will face hypothermia when they are soaking wet. They don’t have a mechanism to regulate the temperature as well as the human, so this is a big problem for them. People have to take it out and dry it quickly or they might die.

Can chick swim?

No. If you expect the chick to be swimming chickens, stop that thinking as soon as possible. Honestly, the chick has fewer feathers than the chickens, which hinders them from floating in the water.

If the water makes the down wet, the situation even becomes worse and worse. Since the immune system of a chick is not developed completely, it might be dead due to the cold and bad hypothermia.

It is better for you to keep the chick away from the water. It is a must-do action you need to take if you still want it to grow up and become an adult chicken. However, the chick still needs water to drink. The solution for this is you can invest shallow waterers in order to keep the chick safe and of course as well as make the chicken do not feel thirsty.

Should you house chickens with ducks?

house chickens with ducks

There are many poultry farmers who tend to keep chickens and ducks together because it is economical to build shelter and much more convenient to feed and take care of them. However, besides some direct benefits, you have already seen, there are so many problems that need to be considered seriously.

The first problem is that chickens might fall into the tanks or lakes unintentionally so make sure to build the water containers’ walls for them to climb or cling to in case they are exhausted because of swimming.

Another problem is that chickens like to roost at night, so they will need to be placed in a high position. Ducks like to nest at night, so they will need someplace at ground level to sleep.  When planning your coop, make sure your ducks have someplace quiet to nest on the ground.

Some of my friends are farmers, besides growing plants, they raise chickens and ducks too. They let them live together and shared with me that mixed flock brought so much joy to their backyard farm. So maybe you can try to do so and enjoy your experience.

In short, chickens can swim but don’t let them swim all the time. Do not forget to set your eyes on them. You probably can choose to let ducks and chickens stay together or not. It should be a super fascinating decision.  And finally, chicks can not swim so do not expect them to swim as you wish for fully grown chickens.

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