Is A Chicken A Bird Or Reptile?

Is A Chicken A Bird Or Reptile

When you read this article, chances are you are wondering “Is a chicken a bird or reptile?”. Well, this debate is also a common topic in many forums. People are vague as chickens rooted back to the dinosaur family yet possess birds’ appearance. After in-depth research, we confidently confirm that chickens are birds, not reptiles. So, why?

What are birds?

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Birds are warm-blooded animals. The outer skin of the bird is covered with feathers. A bird is also the only vertebrate having feathers, while mammals have hair or fur. Feathers are a crucial part of birds because they help maintain the body temperature and protect them from environmental changes.

The other outstanding attribute of birds is their morphological and physiological adaptations to flight, although not all bird species can fly in fact. Therefore, birds have the perfect ability to fly with long distances of migrations.

Birds lay eggs and have elaborate parents’ behaviors. The parent’s role initiates with building nests before eggs are laid and experience the incubation period. After their eggs hatching, the mother bird will feed their babies until the young birds can fly.

Communication skills in birds develop through elaborate social interactions like songs and calls. Have you ever listened to birds singing? It’s a way of attracting mates and warning their herd about dangers. Plus, they have communication abilities by nonverbal behavior such as community cooperation and territorial defense.

What are reptiles?

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In contrast to birds, reptiles are cold-blooded vertebrates, and their bodies are covered with scales that are tough to protect themself from predators and enable them to live in both land and water.

They are not capable of adapting to the weather changes. Thus, their life highly depends on the external environment. For example, when the summer comes, the temperature gets higher, reptiles tend to hide under shady areas or inside the water to cool down their body temperature. During the cold seasons, they will start hibernation period to avoid decreasing temperature.

Reptiles also lay eggs that are covered with a shell, but there are some exceptional cases that they will give birth directly. Reptiles have two common ways of egg hatching, they will incubate the egg by laying on them or bury eggs in the sand.

Is a chicken a bird or reptile?

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It’s true that a chicken is a bird. Now, we can see that chickens and birds share characteristics with each other.

Chickens are warm-blooded and have feathers. However, chickens can’t fly as high and far as birds. Because chickens are raised to produce meat over the period.

Chickens lay eggs. This feature is the same as reptiles, making some people think that chickens are reptiles. But the main difference between the two species is that chickens need about 21 days to develop and hatch when the eggs are laid.

While reptiles carry their eggs much longer than chickens, they will only lay eggs until the embryo is developed one-third of the time. After laying eggs, the young will hatch in a few days.

Chickens are also elaborate on their parent’s behaviors. Babies chicken can feed themself but they will stay close with their mother to get warmed. When being attacked, the mother will use their beak to defend themselves and their babies.

Last words,

After discussing whether a chicken is a bird or a reptile, you finally know what the answer is. Chickens share some characteristics with reptiles. But, chickens are warm-blooded, have beaks and feathers, lay and incubate eggs, which means they are not of the reptile’s family. Sure!

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