Turkey Egg Vs Chicken Egg – What’s The Difference?

Turkey egg vs chicken egg

Turkey has always played an important role in American culture mainly because it has become an indispensable dish on Thanksgiving. This bird is well-known for its delicious meat. But wait, have you ever tried turkey eggs? Turkey egg vs chicken egg: What’s The Difference? Let’s dig in and find this out together.

Turkey egg vs chicken egg: are there any differences?

They are different in many ways, including shape and size, nutrients, color, and shell thickness.

1. Shape and size

Turkey eggs have a bigger and pointier shape than chicken ones.

The average turkey egg size is from 2 to 2.7 inches in length and is just under 1.5 to 2 inches wide. The circumference averages about 5 inches. Turkey eggs vary in weight from 66 grams to above 110 grams compared.

The weight of a big chicken egg is 50 grams. Usually, two turkey eggs are equal to three chicken eggs in a cooking recipe for your information.

2. Nutrition

Turkey egg nutrition includes less acid and a higher amount of calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals than chicken eggs. However, their level of cholesterol is also higher than chicken eggs.

3. Color

The color of turkey eggs is creamy white and some eggs have a spatter of red-brown speckles on the surface. The color of chicken eggs is pretty white.

4. Shell thickness

The shell of a turkey egg is slightly thicker than that of a chicken egg and it is harder to crack it open. The shell membrane of turkey eggs is also tougher. However, the inside of the eggs looks very much the same as chicken eggs.

boiled eggs

Are turkey eggs edible?

Not only these two birds but most bird or poultry eggs are eatable and quite yummy. Some people think turkey eggs have quite a similar taste to chicken ones and they even include them in their daily diet.

The flavor of turkey eggs is actually a little bit stronger and the texture is a tad creamier. These eggs are often compared to duck ones as they share more similarities in flavor and texture. Turkey eggs are actually even viewed as gourmet quality and ideal for baking.

Why don’t we eat turkey eggs like turkey meat?

There are a number of reasons why people are reluctant to consume turkey eggs. Firstly, there are some health concerns related to turkey eggs. Feed ingredients can be carried from a turkey hen to an egg. And while the USDA has clarified the ingredients for chickens that are safe for human consumption, they haven’t done it for turkeys. People are more and more critical about what they eat, therefore, anything like that is always taken into careful consideration.

Secondly, turkeys are bigger than chickens. They require much more space, a larger amount of food, mature slowly and start laying quite late. While chickens can begin laying at 5 months of age, turkeys do not start their first cycle until they are 7 months old. Hence, it is not a very smart and efficient business to invest time and effort into.

Also, it takes a longer time for turkeys to produce and hatch eggs. Turkeys can produce 100 eggs annually with about 2 or 3 eggs per week but chickens can lay up to 365 eggs a year with one almost every day. The difference in egg production efficiency is clear.

why dont we eat turkey eggs

The constant production and easy keeping make chicken eggs a cheaper and profitable choice, and turkey eggs become quite scarce on the market. As a result, with $3, you can buy only a single turkey egg but two dozen chicken eggs. In fact, most turkey farms use turkey eggs to produce more turkeys rather than selling eggs.

This also explains why you can definitely find various kinds such as quail eggs, duck eggs, and even ostrich eggs, etc. easily in grocery stores except for turkey eggs.


In conclusion, not only turkey meat but also turkey eggs are edible and taste delicious. I personally prefer turkey eggs due to their high protein and low acid content. It is understandable when you are squeamish about eating something you have never eaten before but we guarantee you will not regret doing it. Give it a try to find out your preference between turkey eggs and chicken eggs.

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