What Do Cows Like To Eat?

what do cows like to eat

What a cow eats can impact the quality of milk and meat we get from it. For high-quality products from cattle, cows should be fed nothing but a balanced diet coming with various and abundant nutrition.

So, what comes in that balance-diet? What do cows like to eat? If your answer is grass only, you might be surprised by the list below.

What do cows like to eat?

The food that cows like depends on the farm’s location and the cow’s age. In terms of the cow’s generations, in the first 24 hours after birth, baby calves are nourished with colostrum (mother’s first milk). Colostrum provides antibodies, nutrients, and minerals required for their healthy beginning. Then, they will drink milk or milk alternatives during the next 2-3 months (like baby formula).

After a period of 2 – 3 months, young cows will be separated from their mothers. At this age, they will be fed with grain, hay, and water. As calves are fussy, most calf grains are dipped in molasses to make it more delicious.

When they grow up, heifer and cows are fed by the total mixed ration (TMR) which is the mixture of grain and other feeds such as hay or corn. Just like kids, cows tend to categorize their meals as well as pick out their favorite portions. To get a well-balanced meal for every bite, their food, therefore, needs to be mixed and ground together.

This all-in-one TMR is important as it ensures a balanced and nutritious diet for growing cows.

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A typical cows’ food list will be …

To stay active and sustainable, many things should be carefully considered when choosing products that are safe for cows. They usually consume seven different kinds of food, which are:

1. Hay

It is undeniable that hay is one of the most favorite cow’s feed. Hay is probably the easiest food to guess if someone asks you “What do cows like to eat?”. Interestingly, there are various kinds of hay to feed cattle. Regardless of how many of these might be, cows do have the same favor on each specific type of hay.

2. Barley

Barley is another common food that most cows want to eat. It is also one of the top things that farmers stock to feed the cow.

Barley is barely filled with nutrients which appear as a perfect way to keep your cows healthy. It is recommended to apply a few doses of barley to your cow daily diet.

3. Grass

Grass offers massive benefits if you want your cows to be well-fed without costing too much. Yes, all will be done if you have a large fresh pasture.

All cows love grass, for sure. Many types of grass are as nutritious as other sources of food. Even in many areas, cows can survive on grass only. For beef cows fed on a grass-based diet, its flavor is even juicier than cows with a normal diet.

4. Dried feed

From many places, you can buy dry feed that serves what your cows can enjoy eating. Dry feed is an effective way to guarantee that there is still some feed on hand for this animal. It is easy to store and can ease the process of feeding your livestock.

Dried feed for cows

5. Grains

Grains are one of the cow’s foods that needs to make efforts to archive. There are different types of grain available for your cows to enjoy. You’ll want to take your budget into account and then plan to give your cows the best grain.

6. Oats

Oats do give a lot of nutrients that when consumed every day, it will make the coat of any cow appear more desirable. You can choose to provide oats with barley and grain as additionals for a better formula.

7. Salt licks

Salt licks have some vital nutrients that cows would surely love enjoying. Every single mineral in this substance helps grow the cow’s muscles and more importantly provides assistance for the digestive system.

salt lick for cows

8. Wet feed

This is also a perfect meal to feed your cows regularly. Providing your mooing cattle with a good supply of this feed, you can assure that your animals will be well-nourished and ready to face the day.

All in all, you can answer obviously the question “What cows like to eat?” after reading the whole of this article. It is necessary to ensure your cow stays safe and continues to retain or gain weight, which relies on the cow’s food. This will make a huge difference in how this animal looks in the years ahead if you have things that cows want to consume.

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